The Sleek Volvo S90 Brings Luxury for a Ride Along with Affordability

Looking at all the vehicles on our Fields Volvo Cars Madison lot can be pretty overwhelming. We understand there is a lot to consider, but we recommend the Volvo S90 to many of our customers that are looking for something that is very sleek, sophisticated but yet still affordable. The exterior is likely what catches your eye at first. You'll notice that the S90 is a sedan with a pretty solid footprint. Its overall length is 200.1 inches, and the width of the Volvo S90 is 74.4 inches. The height is a comfortable 57.1, so you won't feel like you're too close to the ground.

Each model of the S90 from Volvo comes with a moonroof that allows you to enjoy the night sky or let the natural sun shine through during the daytime. You also get rear performance tires, a tire pressure monitoring system, rear defrost and power windows.



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