Your Volvo S60 Helps Maintain Visibility

It is relatively easy to keep the Volvo S60 from getting or staying dirty. This is because this popular luxury vehicle has nozzles that can reach the front windshield, rear window and your front headlights. The windshield washer fluid is kept heated at all times, which makes it easier to use in the winter.

Keeping the fluid liquid will prevent it from sticking to the glass or the windshield wiper blade. This means that you are less likely to experience damage to either of these components. While you never want to make vehicle repairs, they can be tougher to complete during winter.

When dirt or grime can't accumulate on the windshield or headlights, you won't run the risk of having your vision impeded or obstructed. That can be especially important during times of inclement weather or when you have to drive during the night.



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