Fuel Economy Tips for Summer Driving

We at Field Volvo Cars Madison want you to be as informed as possible on how to save fuel, especially during the hot summer months when you’re probably doing most of your driving. Summer driving can be almost as hard on vehicles and their fuel efficiency as winter driving. Stop and see us to get some helpful summer driving tips.

  • Make sure tires are correctly inflated and in good condition.
  • Avoid using the AC as much as possible.
  • If using AC, don’t use it until you’re on the highway; use the windows at lower speeds.
  • Park your vehicle in a cool location.
  • Don’t idle your vehicle with the AC running.
  • Make sure the AC system is running properly.
  • Utilize the sun shades to prevent the dash from becoming too hot.

Driving a vehicle that’s in good running condition is probably the most important thing for fuel efficiency. Come to the shop in Madison, WI and allow us to service your vehicle.

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