Stay Connected with the Volvo XC60

Here at Fields Volvo Cars Madison, we understand the need to stay connected and take advantage of all those apps you use each and every day. The way you interact with your favorite apps is key to living an enjoyable life as you drive around Madison in the latest XC60.

Connecting your mobile device is one of the most impressive ways you can stay in contact with your social media platforms that allows you to spend your time enjoying the music, podcasts, and social media platforms you love. This luxury Volvo has been created with a range of apps and entertainment options built in to make your life a little easier to enjoy with podcasts and music options awaiting you when you start driving.

The Volvo XC60 can do more than simply connect to your mobile device with its nine-inch touchscreen infotainment center giving you the chance to enjoy easy to follow navigation that can be viewed with ease.


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