Most Common Fluid Leaks

Car ownership requires consistent investment and maintenance. To be successful at protecting your vehicle from large repairs, it is important to understand common ownership problems and how to address them. One of the most frequent issues that car owners have include fluid leaks. Whether you noticed a puddle of oil when you backed out of the driveway or water dripping from the undercarriage, owners should know when to be concerned and when it is appropriate to seek help from professionals.

Water leaks are common any time it is hot, hazy or humid outside, while oil leaks may signify a larger problem. Coolant or antifreeze could be leaking out from a faulty cap, while transmission fluid leaks will need to be addressed asap. Gear oil and power steering fluid leaks should not be disregarded. When in doubt, seek help from an authorized dealership. Professionals there will know just what to do when you have a vehicle fluid leak.

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